Google Zero Gravity Trick & Pranks.

The search engine giant Google is the most widely used on the internet. It’s always been free  and useful in terms of searching any information, product, service and companies. This is not the only reason Google is most popular, other search engines do provide similar free services. The most important aspect about Google is the care towards users and advertisers.  Searching functionality is so user friendly that it feels like you are communicating with your friend and getting appropriate responses accordingly.

Google has so many features and functions to hands on but off course there are boundaries too. There are some tips which I am mentioning is Google zero gravity pranks.

Now amuse your friends with best Google zero gravity pranks.

Best Google zero gravity pranks 2014

Requirements: a browser and an internet connection.

Zero Gravity flat fall


Google site will be seen as falling at zero gravity, but don’t worry as all functionality
will still works and that’s the more cool part of zero gravity.


Google home page is really simple and useful but sometime you might feel like checking it in  some other style. Here is the Google sphere to check its elements in sphere look.
Just go to Google sphere  and search any content in sphere look, I suggest to search for images as they create awesome view in sphere look.